Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pheasant Season is over for Rocky

During the New Year vacation ....  Rocky traveled to Nebraska and watched the Huskers get defeated by  the GAME COCKS in a bowl game ( Rocky was amused)

We arrived a day early to miss the wind storm ... good thing too it blew 60 mph all day..
The hunting was very difficult as we never fired a shot for the 2 days we tried ..

Since we have no birds to show you of our trip, Rocky decided to ham it up a little on his trip back to the Rocky Mountains

Right after the border at a road turn out Rocky is climbing again

Almost got stuck ..The sign explains how the desert of eastern Colorado, that was a desert, that  has been transformed to farming and ranching by tapping the Ogallala Reservoir

Rocky also liked the sign at Holyoke

There he goes climbing again

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