Monday, January 23, 2012

Rocky in the Arizona Desert

Rocky has escaped the cold and wind of the Rocky Mountains, and traveled to Quartzsite Az. with the 'olGoat

He decided to share some of the Pheasants that he helped to bag in Nebraska with some of the folks at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous  (RTR)  

He was pretty quiet during the cooking portion of the evening, But got a little crazy later as you will see in the photos below 

Leave it to the gals to find Rocky's .... ahhh Golf Balls

Everyone else is playing Lori is working?

Dave doesn't like his picture taken  we got sneaky

You can tell who likes Rocky the most

I am sure Rocky will get into more trouble very soon

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pheasant Season is over for Rocky

During the New Year vacation ....  Rocky traveled to Nebraska and watched the Huskers get defeated by  the GAME COCKS in a bowl game ( Rocky was amused)

We arrived a day early to miss the wind storm ... good thing too it blew 60 mph all day..
The hunting was very difficult as we never fired a shot for the 2 days we tried ..

Since we have no birds to show you of our trip, Rocky decided to ham it up a little on his trip back to the Rocky Mountains

Right after the border at a road turn out Rocky is climbing again

Almost got stuck ..The sign explains how the desert of eastern Colorado, that was a desert, that  has been transformed to farming and ranching by tapping the Ogallala Reservoir

Rocky also liked the sign at Holyoke

There he goes climbing again