Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rocky Says:
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ...
here are a couple of pictures on my awesome pheasant hunting trip to Nebraska

 Rocky Goat Rocky has learned that ol'Goat Rob, now has a new double barrel shotgun,
Rocky is pleased, maybe he will be able to kill more birds for me to retrieve...

Rocky Goat is enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.

Ol'Goat mentioned to Rocky about the possibility of going shooting again or Wild turkey hunting next week

Rocky is excited
Timothy Buck He looks like he is prowling for the hunt!

Rocky went to Kiowa Creek today ...

Rocky with Kim at the Kiowa Creek, the sporting clay shotgun range, Kim likes Rocky I think hummm
Rocky asks: Old Goat ....what is this thing for?
'ol Goat says : it's for those human ol goats...
'ol goat says: This TLK has alot to learn ..

Today Rocky is a little slow in his activities, But, he is checking out a Harley today. He is doing the Waaaahhh Waaahhh noise since he can't reach the handlebars or the pedals
Timothy Buck I've never been on a Harley - so he's one up on me!!
September 29 at 6:14am ·
Bob Bendt Hope he didn't leave any Rocky surprises on that seat. LOL

Rocky finished off his stay with a tall ice cold Fat Tire. Sounds like he is going to be hitting another adventure soon.
Who knows what trouble he is going to get into
Rocky hanging out with the Goodnow family at Chili's
Timothy Buck Good taste in beer!

Rocky just couldn't help but to down a Corona with Kirk Goodnow...
Oh that Rocky, better pace yourself!

Rocky checking out the pioneer memorial on ocean drive

Rocky mooning the boats on Newport bay.

Rocky taking a breather from being in the suitcase for 8hrs.
  • Timothy Buck Looks like he needs a Rolling Rock!
    September 18 at 11:59pm ·

  • Bob Bendt ‎......and some beach time.
    September 19 at 2:01am ·

  • Rocky Goat looks like he is in a MOTEL room, what can he do there? besides stretching his legs, hummmm, those water bottles must be for later
    September 19 at 2:36am ·

  • Dee Goodnow I see that the remote control is next to him, he better not be using your credit card for some pay per view LOL!! I told you two to be good and I meant it LOL LOL!!!!
    September 19 at 3:40am · 

  • James Berkley ooh rocky you crazy ol coot
    September 19 at 8:09pm

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